How Can One Create a Rasta Girl Eye?


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Rasta girl eyes are created with red, yellow and green colors. The colors are applied above and below the eyelids. Rasta girl eyes require the following makeup accessories: eye primer, green cream eye shadow, yellow cream eye shadow with shimmer, red cream eye shadow with shimmer, blending brush, soft cream eye liner pencil, black liquid eye liner and black mascara.

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Before the colors are applied to the eyes, the primer is required to prevent the makeup from wrinkling. The yellow, green and red eye shadow shimmers are applied after the primer with the eye shadow brush. The green is applied to the inner part of the eye lids first, and then the yellow is applied next to the green. The red eye shadow is applied last below the eyelid. The yellow eye shadow can overlap with the red and the green shadow can overlap with the yellow and the red. Use the soft cream eye liner to shade below the eye brow and then dab it with your finger to blend the colors. Apply the black eye liner to the upper part of the eye lid and the mascara to the upper part of the eye lashes. Brush the lashes with the mascara to prevent clumping.

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