What Can You Do With Old Jeans?


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Donate gently worn jeans to charity. Convert jeans with knee holes into shorts, or use interesting material to patch small holes. If the jeans are no longer suitable for repair, salvage the denim material for crafting or donate them to an organization that recycles denim.

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Old jeans pile up over the course of a lifetime, but even the most worn-out pair of Levis has some life left in it. First, assess the state of the jeans. If they are still wearable, consider donating them or handing them down to a friend or relative. If the jeans have small holes, apply patches made from durable material with a fun, contrasting color, texture or pattern. If the jeans have large holes in the knees but little wear elsewhere, cut the legs off and hem them at the knee or mid-thigh to make jean shorts. More advanced sewers can even turn these fragments into a skirt.

If the jeans have too many large holes to repair, cut away the intact denim material and use it to craft bibs, aprons, rag rugs or plush toys. Cut the seams away from the fabric and sew them into rounds to create interesting trivets or coasters, or donate them to one of the many organizations that recycles used denim into insulation or paper.

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