Where Can You Find Oakland Raiders Fan Tattoos?


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Oakland Raiders tattoos indicate being a fan of the football team, so the Raider Nation fan club is a good place to start. Other places include photo-based social media such as Instagram, tattoo websites and tattoo studios, especially in the Oakland area.

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Complex has assembled a series of the 10 best Oakland Raiders tattoos. These include a tattoo of the Raider shield with the raider removing a mask to reveal a skull. Another tattoo features a football player's hand holding an Oakland Raiders helmet that appears to be dripping blood. One tattoo replaces the traditional male raider with a female pirate. A photo shows a fan who has tattooed his entire back with an Oakland raider with crossed swords on a barbed-wire shield. According to the article, the worst example is a fan who tattooed his face with slogans such as "Property of the Raiders" and player numbers.

Social media websites, such as instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, allow users to search according to key words. Searching for Oakland Raiders tattoos yields many examples of fan body art. Another option is a website such as Rate My Ink, where people display their tattoos. Likewise, tattoo artists keep portfolios of their best work. Any artist who has inked a stellar Oakland Raiders fan tattoo is certain to have a photo in a portfolio.

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