Where Can You Find Some Nice Women's Hairstyle Suggestions?


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Suggestions for women's hairstyles can be found on many style websites, including Pantene, Marie Claire and About Style. Women's hairstyles range from long to short, from up in a ponytail to hanging down, and from straight to curly.

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Where Can You Find Some Nice Women's Hairstyle Suggestions?
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Pantene offers suggestions based on hair length, hair texture and specific occasion such as a date, wedding or day at the office. The website allows a user to choose her preferences and view the appropriate hairstyles.

Marie Claire displays hairstyles that have become popular, including pixie cuts, crimping and hair contouring. The website also offers suggestions on how to style long hair, such as voluminous curls, French braid buns and fishtail ponytails.

About Style offers suggestions depending on the shape of a woman's face. The website separates styles into those best for round, oval, square, heart-shaped and long faces. It also includes tips and explanations for why some styles look better for a particular face shape than others. For example, a short haircut may not suit someone with a round face because the style can make the face look rounder. Body type can also play a role in hairstyle choice; for example, particularly short women may want to avoid wearing their hair very long.

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