How Can I Naturally Reduce the Size of My Lip?


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Reducing lip size requires a medical intervention. According to Facial Plastics Surgery, the lip reduction procedure known as cheiloplasty generally costs more than $1,500 dollars.

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There are some important details to know before going into a cheiloplasty procedure. The first is that it is a purely cosmetic procedure and is generally not covered by health insurance. This is an elective surgery and is not required for good health.

Selecting a qualified surgeon is critical in getting a lip reduction. Only board qualified surgeons should perform this procedure. News sources are filled with horror stories about do-it-yourself procedures, procedures done with illegal materials and procedures performed by non-medical professionals. It is important to note that trying to take short-cuts in plastic surgery can have disastrous and deadly results. The American Board of Plastic Surgery maintains an online list that can be checked to confirm surgeon certification. According to ABC News, from 1997 to 2004 in the state of Florida 36 people died from bad plastic surgery procedures. Risk is inherent in any surgery and any surgery can result in death. According to the National Institutes of Health, pain and swelling following the procedure is common for those recovering from a cheiloplasty .

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