How Can You Naturally Lighten Your Skin?

How Can You Naturally Lighten Your Skin?

Naturally lightening the skin involves staying out of direct sunlight without adequate sunscreen protection, applying a variety of natural extracts, using vitamin B-3 lotions or using citrus based soaks and creams. Many skin lightening creams on the market utilize only natural ingredients.

Using natural lightening techniques help the skin absorb harmful UV rays from the sun while reducing the production of melanin in the body which causes skin to darken or tan.

  1. Using citrus

    Lemons and orange peels work as natural skin bleaching agents. The vitamin C found in the citrus ingredients helps support the skin by increasing collagen production. The vitamin C reduces the production of melanocytes, which are cells that produce melanin.

  2. Using Kojic Acid

    Kojic acid may sound harmful, but it is actually a natural crystalline powder derived from a fungus found in Asia. The acid is a powerful natural skin whitener that has been used in Japan for years. The antioxidants found in kojic acid helps repair sun damaged skin.

  3. Natural extracts

    Many plants contain a natural extract that helps lighten the skin. Some of the most popular plant extracts used include, liquorice, bearberry, Indian gooseberry, giga white and white mulberry. 

  4. Vitamin B-3 creams

    Vitamin B-3 helps suppress melanosome to the skin and is a popular ingredient found in many skin lightening creams sold over the counter.