How Can Murray's Pomade Be Removed From the Hair?


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Murray's Pomade can be removed from the hair by using a strong clarifying shampoo or a dish soap that cuts grease. The pomade is a wax-based hairstyling product.

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The best way to use Murray's Pomade is to begin with a small amount and warm between the palms of the hands, applying evenly to create a secure hairstyle. However, the more pomade that is in the hair, the more difficult it is to remove. There are a few things one can try to remove it from the hair.

Step 1: Use a comb and hair dryer

Use the heat from a hair dryer to melt or soften the wax. A fine-toothed comb helps to remove the hair product. Wipe the comb clean between each use.

Step 2: Wash hair with shampoo or dish detergent

Once the majority of the hair product has been removed with the comb and hair dryer, one can use either a strong clarifying shampoo or a dish detergent formulated to remove grease. Start with working a small amount through dry hair, and leave it on for a short time to break down the grease. Rinse well with warm water. If any product remains in the hair, repeat this step.

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