How Can Mixed People Get Waves?

The most likely reason for a mixed person to have waves is due to the natural hair texture. Depending on the race of the two parents, a mixed person's hair can range from being straight to being kinky. Having waves is decided by the genetic makeup of the individual. There are ways for the person to enhance this texture.

If a mixed person has waves, they are most likely mixed with African ancestry. Hair texture in people with African ancestry can vary. Styling products are one of the simplest ways to achieve waves in a person of mixed heritage. The products provide definition and control. The wavier and curlier the hair is, the more prone to frizz the hair will be. This occurs because the hair shaft is not straight. This makes it harder for moisture to travel through the hair strand. Sometimes having the hair cut shorter will give the appearance of waves in people with mixed ancestry. Another way that a person of mixed ancestry will have waves is due to chemicals. A texturizer and the kiddie perm are two products that are used to loosen curlier textures. A person with curly or kinky hair can use these products to create waves without making the hair completely straight.