How Can Men Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair?

How Can Men Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair?

Laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis and hair-removal creams are the options when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Back shavers with razor blades attached to a long handle, similar to those on a scrubbing brush, work to get rid of hair in the shower, reports WebMD.

Laser gets rid of hair permanently, although it takes up to eight sessions and works best on dark hair with light skin, reports WebMD. It treats any area of the body. Treatments reduce hair session by session, making this a good option for men who wish to thin out hair rather than removing everything.

Waxing leaves skin hair-free for between four and six weeks. It is best to go to a salon for an initial waxing treatment, advises WebMD. This method works on all body parts, but it is best to try waxing less sensitive areas, such as the back or stomach, before waxing more sensitive areas, such as the genital region.

Electrolysis uses a very thin needle to penetrate each hair shaft and kill off the hair-producing cells with a tiny electric shock. This method proceeds hair by hair, which makes it very time-consuming and therefore best for small areas, such as the unibrow.

Back shavers are useful to shave any part of the back, shoulders or buttocks, but the results last just a few days. Hair removal creams, on the other hand, leave skin smooth for up to several weeks, but the harsh chemicals are not suitable for very sensitive skin, cautions WebMD.