How Can Men Care for Their Skin?


Men can care for their skin by using products that keep the skin clean, moisturized and protected from being burned by the sun, according to WebMD. While men's skin health is simpler than women's because of the absence of makeup, men still shave and spend time in the sun, two factors that can damage skin greatly.

When men shave, their skin can become dry and irritated. Similarly, men commonly use bar soaps rather than liquid-based soaps. Bar soaps are much more likely to dry out the skin. Men can find bar soaps, however, that contain emollients like glycerine as well as vitamin E oils, olive oil and jojoba oil. Some men have very oily skin, so too much moisturizing can cause their pores to clog and produce acne. According to WebMD, this can be treated using cleansers and soaps that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzyl peroxide. These ingredients exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin and allowing for a deep cleaning of the pores.

All men need to moisturize their skin to promote its health. Moisturizing is very important because using soaps and shaving can cause skin to become very dry. Men with dry skin should use creams with very thick formulations while men with very oily skin should use a light skin toner or gel. Men with a normal skin moisture level should use light lotions that don't contain too much oil as this can clog up pores. Men should also use sunscreen to protect their skin from sun damage. Anti-aging creams can also be used to treat wrinkles and prevent skin from loosening.