How Can You Get Free Makeup Samples by Mail?

To get free samples of makeup sent by mail, visit websites like, browse through the available samples and submit online request forms. It is also possible to get free makeup samples by mail by ordering other products from websites like Sephora.

Many different cosmetic companies send out free product samples to potential or current customers. Websites like find these companies, and list the available samples in advertisements categorized by product type. Categories include free makeup samples, free lotion samples and free hair care samples. Ads are update regularly and expired ads are removed.

Upon browsing the ads and seeing a desirable sample, click the online request form. Provide the requested information into the form, and submit it. Product samples take up to eight weeks to arrive in the mail. Submit as many sample request forms as you want, and wait for the samples to start arriving. It is recommended that a separate email account is used for requesting samples so that your main email account is not flooded with spam.

On websites like Sephora, free makeup samples are sent when a new or existing customer places an online order. The option to choose three free samples is given during the checkout process. The available options include trial-size makeup products, sample facial products and perfume samples.