How Can You Do Your Makeup for Prom?


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Makeup for prom can be applied to feature a bold lip or define the eyes. Makeup that matches the skin tone and gives an even complexion should also be applied, using a foundation brush or sponge, according to About.com.

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How Can You Do Your Makeup for Prom?
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Concealer and foundation are usually best for acenic skin or uneven complexions. Applying either heavy eye makeup or a deep lipstick color helps to complete the prom look. To determine which part of the face should be accented, it's best to consider which of your facial features receive the most compliments, according to About.com. Lipliner and lipstick help to intensify the color and make the lipstick last longer. Adding a little gloss on top of the lipstick brings more attention to the pout. For defined eyes, eyeliner, mascara, dark eye shadow and false lashes bring out the shape of the eyes and pair nicely with nude lip gloss or lipstick. The face should be finished with a powder that keeps shine and excess moisture away.

Adbout.com advises bringing a few makeup items to the prom for retouching purposes before pictures. Oil blotting cloths or powder keep the complexion from being too oily. Lip gloss and lipstick are ideal to bring along for retouching before a photo as are eye shadow and brushes to play up the eyes before taking a picture.

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