How Can You Make Yourself Pretty?


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There are ways men and women can look and feel their personal best, including using cosmetics, improving their posture and improving their confidence. The concept of being pretty is subjective because no two people necessarily agree on who, or what, is physically attractive.

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Beauty is not a universal concept. Standards of beauty change between cultures, as well as between time periods. Therefore, there is no way for one single person to become more attractive to everyone.

Ways many people may choose to enhance their appearance usually revolve around improving imperfections and maintaining a youthful appearance. Some ways one may choose to do this include using cosmetic products to hide blemishes or to shape eyebrows. Standing up straight and ensuring proper spine alignment can also help, as it gives the appearance of confidence and prevents hunching, which can make you look older. Using sun protection to prevent wrinkles and age spots, especially on the face and hands, is also a way to maintain a youthful appearance over time. Some people who feel badly about their physical appearance may choose to change their features using cosmetic surgery, but this is rarely necessary. Many studies have shown that confidence is the prettiest feature one can acquire.

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