How Can I Make a Topknot?


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To make a topknot, style your hair into a bun, but leave enough out to make a braid, and wrap the braid around the bun. You need an elastic hair tie, enough bobby pins to secure a bun, U-shaped hairpins to secure the braid and hairspray.

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  1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail

    Brush or comb your hair as usual, and use your fingers to pull the front strands of your hair to a single side of your head. Use the elastic hair tie to pull your hair into a high ponytail.

  2. Style your hair into a bun

    Hold the ponytail around the elastic tie, and wrap all but one piece of hair around the tie to form a bun. Use the bobby pins to secure the bun into place.

  3. Make the braid

    Take the piece of hair that you separated from the bun, and style it into a braid. Hold the bun gently to ensure that it remains secured, and wrap the braid around the bottom edge of the bun. Ensure that the braid hides the bobby pins. Use the U-shaped hairpins to secure the braid into place.

  4. Secure the style

    Use your preferred style and brand of hairspray, and spray the topknot to secure it for the day.

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