How Can You Make Thin Hair Look Thicker?

How Can You Make Thin Hair Look Thicker?

To make hair look thicker, start with the right haircut, use volumizing shampoo and light conditioner, apply volumizing products, and blow dry the hair. Set the front with rollers, spray volumizer on the roots, tease the hair, and finish the hairstyle.

  1. Get the right haircut

    Start by getting a haircut that makes hair appear thicker. Select a haircut that falls above the shoulders with thick bangs. Get just enough layers so that waves stay in the hair.

  2. Shampoo regularly

    Shampoo your hair every other day. Use a shampoo formulated to increase volume.

  3. Use light conditioner

    On the days you shampoo, use only a light detangling rinse. Apply a small amount, starting from the hair ends and working up.

  4. Apply product

    After towel-drying the hair, apply a volumizing product to the roots, being careful to get it as close to the scalp as possible. Spray the rest of the hair with a heat protector.

  5. Dry the hair

    Flip your hair over, and dry the hair to 85 percent. Use your fingers to gently rough up the hair while drying. Divide the hair into two sections. Roll a large round brush through strands of hair as you finish drying.

  6. Set the hair

    With the hair still warm from drying, set the front in medium to large Velcro rollers, depending on the amount of wave desired. Leave the rollers in for 20 minutes. Spray the hair with a light-hold hairspray before removing the rollers.

  7. Finish the hairstyle

    Spritz the roots with a small amount of volumizing hairspray. Use a fine tooth comb to tease near the scalp. Smooth the top over the teasing, and finish with the light-hold hairspray.