How Can You Make Thin Hair Look Thick?


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To make thin hair look thicker, use a good shampoo and conditioner, blow-dry the hair, use root lifter, and style with layers. Washing your hair everyday causes it to appear thinner, especially at the roots.

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How Can You Make Thin Hair Look Thick?
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Using a shampoo specially made for thin hair is a good way to make it appear thicker in the long-term. Massage the scalp while shampooing to stimulate blood flow. Use a hair conditioner after shampooing to help gain volume. Avoid conditioners that contain oils, such as those that claim to smooth or hydrate hair.

Blow-dry the hair after washing it using a diffuser attachment. Spray a heat-protecting agent over the hair before blow-drying with a round brush. Set the hair in Velcro rollers with clips for at least 20 minutes after blow-drying. This helps to maintain high volume. Lightly tease the hair nearest the crown after removing the rollers.

Use a spray or mousse root lifter to help the roots stay up. Avoid using too much product to keep from weighing down the hair. Lastly, use a hairspray with volume or thickening agents to style the hair.

Styling with layers helps to add texture and make the hair appear thicker. Use a wide-tooth comb to style the hair. Avoid brushing the hair too often, because this stimulates oils from the scalp, which flattens the hair.

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