How Can You Make a Short Nose Appear Longer?

In order to make a short nose look longer, use makeup to contour the nose. Contouring makes the nose look slimmer, which helps it appear elongated.

To contour the nose to make it appear slimmer and longer, use the following steps.

  1. Prepare the face
  2. Even out skin complexion using products such as concealer, foundation and powder. If possible, use products that create a matte effect, as this keeps the nose from looking shiny.

  3. Highlight the nose
  4. To visually lengthen a flat nose, use highlighter to create a vertical line along the center of the nose. Use brightening concealers instead of shimmering highlighters. The ideal color is just slightly lighter than the natural skin tone.

  5. Blend the highlighter
  6. Blend the highlighter into the skin using a finger or a makeup sponge. Make sure no lines are visible.

  7. Add some shading
  8. To make a wide nose appear narrower, apply some powder or foundation that is slightly darker than the natural skin tone along the sides of the nose. Shade the area running from just below the inner eyes to the nostrils. Apply the shading with a makeup brush.

  9. Blend the shading
  10. Use a makeup brush to blend in the shading. Make sure that all the product is blended into the skin so that it appears natural.