How Can I Make Scrunchies?

Making hair scrunchies is a fun way to use fabric scraps. After trimming the fabric to size, add elastic and sew the edges together to form a tube with the reverse of the fabric showing. Gather the fabric as you stitch and finish with a double knot. Then invert the tube and sew the ends together.

This takes under 30 minutes and requires a piece of fabric that measures roughly 3 1/2 inches by 14 inches. You also need a needle, scissors, thread and hair elastic or a heavy rubber band.

  1. Trim and position the fabric

    Trim the fabric into an even rectangle. Place it flat on your work surface with the right side facing up.

  2. Add the elastic

    Place the elastic band at one end of the fabric. Bring the corners of the fabric together around the elastic and stitch them together. Place the stitches close to the edges of the fabric.

  3. Sew the raw edges together

    Sew the raw edges of the fabric together until the elastic band is fully encased and the wrong side of the fabric faces outward. Allow the sewn portion to bunch up behind your hands as you work. Stop sewing just before you run out of fabric. Tie a double knot in the thread. Cut it loose.

  4. Invert the tube

    Turn the fabric tube inside out so the right side is visible.

  5. Sew the ends together

    Sew the ends of the fabric together with slip stitches. Tie a double knot in the thread. Snip it with the scissors to finish.