How Can You Make a Ring Fit Without Getting It Re-Sized?

A ring that does not fit comfortably can be worn with a ring guard to ensure a snug fit; those interested in homemade solutions can use duct tape or moleskin to make the ring fit tighter. Rings that are too small should not be forced onto the fingers using lotion or other lubricants, as they can become stuck.

Ring guards are available in different sizes so that a comfortable fit can be achieved. They are available in different materials so that they blend in with the ring. A pair of pliers is used to bend the ring guard so that it may be attached to the band. Ring guards are also used to help hold heavy rings in place to prevent them from spinning around.

To make a ring tighter using duct tape, a small piece of tape should be wrapped around the base of the ring until enough girth is added to make it fit. Moleskin can also be wrapped around the ring in a similar fashion to make it easier to wear.

If a ring is only slightly too large, clear nail polish can be used for a better fit. The part of the finger where the ring is worn is painted with the nail polish. This helps the ring adhere to the finger so that it stays in one spot.