How Can You Make Your Own Upper Back Tattoo?

The upper back is one of the prime parts of the body to tattoo for both the tattoo customer and the tattoo artist, as it spans across a wide expanse of skin and body surface. Because of the typically large size and hefty price in comparison to smaller tattoos, upper back tattoos take much longer to consider and design before starting the tattooing process.

First, find a trusted tattoo artist whose aesthetics and pricing are compatible. This may take a good amount of time, especially for tattoo novices.

After finding a trusted artist, the design process can begin. Be sure to communicate clearly and often. Discuss any initial concepts, thoughts or ideas. Brainstorm and be sure to get the artist's input.

Gather ideas for the back tattoo concept, draw inspirations or influences from images of similar tattoo concepts and compile enough sources and examples to allow the artist to easily understand and visualize your concept. Following extensive research, begin sketching a draft of the design independently, if possible, or with the help of the tattoo artist.

After the initial sketch is completely thought out, begin to tune into details like line work and coloring, working with the artist to perfect the rough draft into a cleaner final draft. There could be several rough drafts prior to reaching this stage.

Finally, make the first appointment. The artist can project the number and duration of sessions to complete the back tattoo.