How Can You Make Your Own Rosewater?


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Make rosewater by placing rose petals in a heat safe container and pouring hot water over them. When the water has cooled, strain the water through a cheesecloth, strainer or coffee filter into a opaque, sterilized container until all the petals are separated from the water. When the rosewater is sealed and placed in the refrigerator, it stays fresh for up to a month, but it is best used within a week.

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There are other methods of making rosewater using essential rose oil, dried rose petals or crushed fresh rose petals. You can use any type of rose for your rosewater, but consider using only one type of rose per batch in order to preserve the original fragrance of the flower. Sometimes a small amount of vodka or pure grain alcohol is used in rosewater as a preservative, but this is not necessary. Do not use tap water to make rosewater, and choose dark glass or high-quality plastic containers to store the rosewater. If you do not have distilled water, filtered water can be used in its place if it has been boiled and allowed to cool to room temperature. Rosewater can be used in cooking, to provide fragrance in homemade beauty products, as a gentle skin astringent, as a fabric refresher or as a fragrance.

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