How Can You Make Your Own Nurse's Cap?


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Making a nurse's cap involves cutting pieces from fabric, ironing fusible web onto the back, and adding trim. From there, it's a matter of sewing the pieces together and finishing the cap with a button.

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The first step in creating a nurse's cap is printing the pattern diagram, which also includes directions. Fold a large sheet of paper in half, and place the described edge of the diagram at the fold. Cut out the pattern.

Fold a length of white fabric in half, and place on a flat surface. Place the long end of the pattern at the fold, ensuring the pattern goes with the grain on both sides. With the fabric as flat as possible, cut out the pattern piece.

Place the pattern on a length of fusible web, and cut out the shape. Align the sticky side of the web with the back of the white fabric piece, and use an iron to fuse it into place. Cut a length of trim for the entire edge of the cap, and sew it into place on the top straight edge.

Following the instructions on the pattern diagram, fold the fused fabric in half, matching the edges. Iron the two layers together, adding stitches if necessary to secure the cap. Trim any uneven edges.

Bend the front the cap up in a semi-circular shape to create the upsweep typical of nurse's caps. Sew a button on the back of the cap to bring all the back pieces together and secure them.

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