How Can You Make a Nurse's Cap?

How Can You Make a Nurse's Cap?

Craft a nurse's cap by folding card stock into the appropriate shape and adding embellishments, such as a ribbon and a cross. Nurse's caps, which were traditionally worn as part of nurses' uniforms, are now made as part of Halloween costumes or for children's dress up games.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Gather white card stock, red ribbon, red construction paper, scissors, glue, yarn and a ruler.

  2. Fold the card stock

    Turn the paper so it is aligned horizontally. Make a fold along the length of the paper, about 3 inches wide. This is the lower part of the nurse's cap. Cut the red ribbon and glue it in the center of the fold. Wait for it to dry, and turn the card stock over. Bring the top-right corner of the card stock to the center of the folded edge. Repeat with the top left corner. This makes a triangle on each side. Smooth the creases. Turn the pointed top of the triangle down, and glue it in place.

  3. Add embellishments

    Cut two small strips of red construction paper of about 1 inch by 0.5 inch in size. Turn the hat over so the ribbon side is facing you. Glue the construction paper strips above the red ribbon in the shape of a cross. Make two slits on either side of the hat. Thread yarn through the slits, and tie the hat around your head.