How Can I Make Myself Look Older?

can-make-myself-look-older Credit: Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

While many women spend much of their lives trying to look younger, the reverse situation also occurs. Sometimes young women want to look older so as to be taken more seriously. Makeup can be judiciously applied to create an older look.

  1. Contour your face

    Highlight your cheekbones to create a more mature look. Use blush on the apples of your cheeks and a lighter tone above your cheekbones to create the appearance of angles, replacing the softer look of youth. Apply darker colors to the sides of your nose and a lighter color on the tip to make your nose look more angular. Make sure that any traces of acne or blemishes are completely covered with concealer and foundation.

  2. Wear lipstick instead of lip gloss

    To create a more professional look, choose the more mature look of lipstick rather than lip gloss. Go for a matte texture and avoid any shimmer or shine. Use lip liner for a polished look, and choose darker colors to look older.

  3. Darken your eyes

    Wear dark colors of eyeliner and mascara to create a more intense and mature look. Avoid pastel and shimmering colors, which tend to look youthful. Have your eyebrows shaped, and keep them filled in to frame your face.