How Can You Make Your Lips Soft?

Make lips soft by drinking one additional glass of water each day, refraining from biting and licking lips, using a natural lip balm, and exfoliating. Additionally, use lip products that contain sunscreen, and never leave home without placing lip balm or lipstick on the lips.

A lack of water dries out lips and skin. Drinking plenty of water each day helps the lips and the rest of the body stay hydrated. Biting causes cuts on the lips, and this leads to drying out. Licking causes lips to chap instead of moisturizing them. Exfoliating the lips every couple of weeks removes dead skin cells and promotes new skin growth. To exfoliate lips at home, dip a finger in sugar, and rub it on the lips. Allow it to sit on the lips for ten minutes, and then rinse them off.

Protecting lips from the elements prevents them from drying out. Use lip balm with natural ingredients instead of petroleum jelly. Even though petroleum jelly does soften lips, it also leaves behind a film that prevents the skin on the lips from breathing. The lip balm or lipstick should also contain sunscreen. Not only do they protect from the sun, but both types of products also protect lips from wind and cold temperatures.