How Can I Make Homemade Skin Cream?


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It is simple to make a skin cream at home using nourishing, organic products that are easily available online or at natural food stores, according to Health Guides at SFGate. Choose certified organic products for the skin cream to ensure that no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic products are part of the finished product.

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Make a soothing night cream through a process called emulsification, which blends a liquid and an oil. Items needed include 1 cup of an organic skincare oil, 1 cup of a pure liquid, 2 to 3 tablespoons of beeswax pellets, a small saucepan, a blender and small jars with lids. Health Guides suggests using a liquid such as distilled water, rose water or aloe vera gel. Use any combination to equal 1 cup, and pour the liquid into the blender. Choose grapeseed, almond, coconut or jojoba oil, and place it in a small saucepan along with the beeswax. Warm gently until the mixture melts. With the blender on high, slowly drip the oil mixture into the blender to emulsify the ingredients. Continue this process until the mixture turns white and the blender begins to make a choking sound. After the mixture cools, store the night cream in small jars with lids.

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