How can you make a hat like the one Peter Pan wears?


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Make a Peter Pan hat by printing, cutting out and folding the template from the Disney website. This project takes only a few minutes to complete. You need the template, card stock, a pencil, scissors, hair pins and glue or tape.

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How can you make a hat like the one Peter Pan wears?
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  1. Cut out the template

    Print out the template, which comes in two pieces. You need at least two pieces of paper. Cut out the template.

  2. Trace the template onto the card stock

    Place the two pieces of the template onto two pieces of green card stock. Trace around them. Use a pencil to mark dashes along the parts of the card stock that need to be folded. Mark with a straight line the parts of the paper that need to be cut.

  3. Cut out the hat

    Cut out the hat. Make sure to slit the card stock at the locations shown on the template.

  4. Fold the hat

    Fold the card stock along the dotted lines. Label the tabs and pieces of the hat as marked on the template.

  5. Glue the hat together

    Glue tab A and tab B to the pieces beside them. Glue tab C and tab D to area C and area D. Glue tab E and tab F to area E and area F.

  6. Wear the hat

    Use hair pins to attach the hat to your hair.

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