How Can I Make My Green Eyes Stand Out?

How Can I Make My Green Eyes Stand Out?

Green eyes stand out when paired with the right hair accessories, makeup and clothes. Red hair color makes green eyes stand out more.

  1. Find the right hair accessories

    Hair accessories need to pair well with clothes chosen for that day. A bright green headband tends to complement a bright green shirt. Purples, light browns and bright greens make green eyes stand out. Headbands, flower hair clips, head scarves, bows and feathers in these colors make green eyes brighter.

  2. Wear the right clothes

    Purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, making it the ideal color to show off green eyes. Purple shirts, blouses, dresses and layered tops bring out the green in eyes. Lighter browns, neutrals and khaki colors also help make green eyes pop, but in a more subtle way.

  3. Apply the right makeup

    Purple, brown, bronze and gold makeup bring out green eyes the most. These colors can be used as an all-over eyelid color. Apply a darker pink-purple color right under the eyebrow. Use a slightly darker shade than the pink-purple color for the outer edges of the area under the eyebrow. Use a dark black mascara to highlight and outline the eyes after applying eye color.