How Can You Make GPAA Claims?


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According to the Gold Prospectors Association of America, to make GPAA claims, an individual must be a member of the GPAA and have access to the claim in question. Once an individual obtains a claim through the GPAA, that person can mine or prospect the area personally or bring a guest, depending on membership status.

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Becoming a member of the GPAA requires an annual membership subscription fee that lasts one year, two years, three years or a lifetime, depending on the option the individual chooses, the GPAA says. The two lifetime membership services include lifetime membership to the GPAA or the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association membership.

Once a membership is selected, the individual has a pick of local claims. The claims depend on availability and vary in size, prospecting difficulty and average annual product yield. All memberships include tools to get started, but some memberships include additional benefits that the others do not. For example, to gain access to claims that are owned by the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association, an individual must be a member of that association. Membership with the GPAA guarantees a list of available claims that are not owned by this association. Members receive two bi-monthly GPAA publications.

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