How Can You Make Glitter Eye Shadow?


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Glitter eyes hadow is typically made using fine glitter powder. The glitter can then be applied with an eye shadow brush normally used for powder eye shadows, explains Mr. Kate.

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How Can You Make Glitter Eye Shadow?
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Prime the eyelids before the glitter is applied to the eyelids to keep the glitter intact. A light-colored eye shadow for the eyelids and a darker eye shadow for the creases of the eye should also be applied before the glitter. This provides an attractive backdrop for the glitter to be showcased. After the eye shadow has been applied, dip the eye shadow brush in the glitter, then apply to the eyelids with precision. Finish with a coat of mascara.

A combination of glitter colors can be used to complete this look. Gold and silver are popular choices, as they compliment a variety of skin tones. For an especially formal look, the eyes can also be enhanced with eyeliner to define the shape of the eyes. False lashes are sometimes used for this look to make the eyes stand out and bring more attention to the glitter eyeshadow. To balance the makeup look, a nude lip is best, as this brings more attention to the eyes and keeps the face from appearing too made-up.

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