How Can I Make a Fake Homemade Tattoo?

How Can I Make a Fake Homemade Tattoo?

How Can I Make a Fake Homemade Tattoo?

Fake tattoos are a fun way to express your individuality without the pain and permanence of a traditional tattoo. There are several ways to make temporary tattoos at home, and this easy technique produces professional results in minutes. The required supplies are a computer, an inkjet printer, a sheet of decal paper, water, paper towels and scissors.

  1. Choose and print the design

    Select the image you wish to use and print it on decal paper. Insert the paper into the printer with the shiny side down.

  2. Trim the tattoo

    Cut out the tattoo, leaving a thin border around it.

  3. Apply the design to your skin

    Remove the clear plastic coating from the decal paper and place the tattoo on your bare skin. Press the paper against your skin for 10 seconds.

  4. Wet the paper

    Soak a paper towel in warm water and place it over the decal paper. Press firmly and keep the towel in place for 20 seconds.

  5. Remove the decal backing

    Slowly peel the decal backing away from your skin. Pull it straight up to avoid smudging the tattoo. Do not touch the design until your skin is dry.

  6. Maintain the tattoo

    Keep your tattoo dry. Do not touch it unless absolutely necessary. Keep the tattoo away from grease, oil and rubbing alcohol.