How Can You Make Your Face Paler?


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To make face paler naturally, apply a high SPF sunscreen every day. There are also ways to achieve this look through makeup, skin lighteners and medical procedures.

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Wearing a daily sunscreen with a high SPF will prevent a tan from occurring, thus keeping the skin naturally paler. This look can also be achieved through makeup by applying a foundation a few shades lighter than the natural complexion color and going over it with talcum or baby powder.

Face lightening creams are yet another option and provide fading and lightening results over time. In addition to lightening creams, there are several skin bleaching options. A do-it-yourself recipe for skin bleach involves mixing lemon slices, milk and yogurt. After soaking the lemon in the milk for 2 hours, strain out lemon and add yogurt. After thickened, apply the cream to the face and leave on for at least a few hours in order to allow for the bleaching action to work properly.

More dramatic skin bleaching options are also available at cosmetic and medical centers. The procedure can be administered by a nurse, IV therapist or doctor, and will need to be completed about once or twice a week for optimal results.

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