How Can You Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

To make your eyes look bigger, apply concealer to dark circles. Choose brightening eye shadows, and enhance the upper eyelid crease with a darker shade. Apply a thin strip of eyeliner to the top lash line, and curl the lashes before applying mascara.

  1. Apply concealer

    Use a concealer that’s a shade lighter and warmer than your skin tone to lessen the appearance of dark circles and brighten the eyes.

  2. Use a brightening eye shadow

    Use a shade such as lavender on the eyelids, and blend a darker shade into the upper eyelid crease to brighten the eyes and create a dramatic effect. Apply a thin, black strip of eyeliner to the top lash line to frame the eyes.

  3. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara

    Use an eyelash curler to lift the eyelashes. Finish with black mascara to give eyes a wider, rounder appearance.