How Can You Make Dreadlocks Grow Faster?

can-make-dreadlocks-grow-faster Credit: Aaron Davidson / Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The two most recommended ways to get dreadlocks to grow faster are through diet and scalp stimulation. Vitamins A and E help promote hair growth. Specialized supplements and products are also available at beauty and drug stores that stimulate hair growth.

The best way to get vitamins A and E is by eating more vegetables. Many people turn to raw, vegan diets because the amount of nutrients far exceeds that of cooked foods. In place of a raw diet, consider purchasing vitamin replacements from a drug store. The most common stimulant for growing dreadlocks faster is called Supa Hair Growth Supplement, which adds vitamins and minerals directly to your hair for even more growth. Direct physical scalp stimulation from brushing or massaging the scalp can aid in hair growth.