How Can You Make a Double Eyelid?

How Can You Make a Double Eyelid?

The easiest way to create double eyelids is to use double-sided eyelid tape. Cut the tape, peel off the backing and place it on your eyelids. This 90-day procedure requires a mirror, eyelid tape, water, soap and scissors.

  1. Cut the tape

    Cut a thin strip of eyelid tape that is slightly shorter than the width of your eyelid. This ensures that the tape stays invisible after you apply it.

  2. Find the natural crease of your eyelids

    Examine one of your eyelids in a mirror. Open and close it several times to locate its natural crease.

  3. Apply the tape

    Wash your hands, and peel the tape away from the backing. Close your eye, and place the tape along the crease. Open your eye, and look in the mirror. Verify that the tape does not protrude past your eyelid.

  4. Tape the second eyelid

    Locate the crease on your second eyelid, and apply eyelid tape over it. Open your eye, and examine it in a mirror.

  5. Train your eyelids

    Apply eyelid tape for 90 consecutive days, then examine your eyelids. If you are satisfied with your new eyelid shape, stop wearing the tape. If you want a more dramatic change, wear the tape for another week, and inspect your eyelids again.