How Can I Make Cursive Letter Tattoos?

How Can I Make Cursive Letter Tattoos?

Making cursive letter tattoos involves brainstorming the wording, selecting the font, sketching your idea and consulting with a tattoo artist. You need paper, a pencil and tattoo fonts. A consultation with a tattoo artist will take approximately 15 minutes.

  1. Brainstorm the design

    Set aside time to decide what you want your tattoo to say. Some people choose to get a single word that signifies some aspect of their life, such as "Respect." Others get tattoos of phrases, poems or song lyrics.

  2. Choose the font

    Visit websites, such as 1001 Fonts, where you can find cursive lettering fonts for tattoos. Keep in mind that document fonts do not necessarily translate well into tattoo fonts.

  3. Select a location for the tattoo

    Choose the part of your body where you want the tattoo. Some people choose to get cursive letter tattoos that they can read whenever they want, so they place them on their arms or hands. Others choose large areas, such as the back or ribs, for longer, more elaborate phrases.

  4. Sketch the design

    The location of the tattoo dictates how big it can be. Sketch your idea in cursive lettering at the right size, indicating in what direction it is slanted whether it is stacked.

  5. Consult a tattoo artist

    Discuss your ideas with a tattoo artist. Tattoo artists have experience in how to make a flat image work on the contours of the body.