How Can You Make Brown Eyes Pop?

How Can You Make Brown Eyes Pop?

To make brown eyes pop, apply purple shadow to both eyelids, dust silver shadow in the inner corners, apply pink shadow above the creases, add eggplant eyeliner and apply mascara. This 15-minute process requires eye shadows, cosmetic brushes, a mirror, a purple eyeliner pencil, a pencil sharpener and black mascara.

  1. Apply eye shadow

    Pat medium purple eye shadow over each eyelid from the lash line to the crease. Dip a small brush into a pale silver shadow, and apply it to the inner corner. Blend the purple and silver shades together. Swipe a fluffy brush through light pink eye shadow, apply it above the crease, and blend it down into the purple shadow on the lid.

  2. Line the eyes

    Sharpen the eyeliner into a fine point. Place the tip at the inner end of the upper lash line, and draw small dashes along that line. Smudge the pencil with a fingertip, and repeat on the other eye. Line the lower lash lines using the same technique.

  3. Apply mascara

    Open the mascara tube, pull out the brush, and place it at the base of the upper lashes. Draw the brush out past the lash tips, wiggling it slightly from side to side. Use the same technique on the other eye.