How Can You Make Brown Eyes Look Lighter?

A woman can combine a variety of temporary cosmetic treatments to make her brown eyes appear lighter. Although there are numerous temporary methods of enhancing eye color, there is no permanent, safe solution for changing one?s natural eye color.

Makeup is the easiest way a woman can make her brown eyes look brighter. According to Allure Magazine, some ideal colors for brown eyes are cobalt, greenish-gold, copper, navy, eggplant and gold. Wearing complementary eye shadow in shades of green, blue and purple is an excellent way to enhance the color of brown eyes, as well.

Women with brown eyes should choose eyeliner colors in black, dark brown and navy to make their eyes pop. There are many shades of brown eyes, so a woman must explore many different shades of makeup to choose the best ones for her unique eyes.

Getting a tan is another way for lighter-complexioned individuals to darken their skin which brightens eyes. If a woman has dark circles, using concealer makes brown eyes appear less dull. Having a dark brown or black hair color can make brown eyes appear lighter than normal. A woman can also wear colored contact lenses to turn brown eyes any shade she wants.