How Can I Make My Beard Thicker?

According to Grow A Beard Now, without favorable genetics, thickening a beard can be difficult, but it is possible by following a daily routine that includes limiting beard washing, brushing the beard gently, using beard oil, using beard vitamins and using beard growth serums.

Beard washing should be limited to about once or twice a week. Washing the beard more than that may strip the natural, healthy oils. This will cause the beard to age and fall out. When washing the beard, use a beard shampoo. Using a hair shampoo may clog the follicles with waxes contained in some hair shampoos.

Brush the beard daily, but do it gently. Brushing a beard too hard may cause the beard hairs to pull out.

When brushing the beard, always use a beard brush made for that purpose.

Using beard oil each day will fluff the beard and make it look thicker.

Use beard vitamins to assist follicles to sprout. Beard vitamins are designed to activate dormant follicles. In addition, using protein supplements will give the dormant beard follicles the nutrients they need to activate.

The final step in the daily routine is only required when the beard is not growing in full and leaving bald patches. Using a beard growth serum may assist in filling in these bald spaces.