How Can I Make My Arms Look Smaller?


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A healthy diet, cardiovascular exercise and weight training are the best ways to get naturally slender, toned arms. It is possible, however, to "fake" slender arms with clothing, makeup and accessories.

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Push-ups, pull-ups, planks, bicep curls, tricep extensions and overhead presses using three- to five-pound weights will tone all the muscles in the upper arm. Incorporating three sets of 15 reps into a daily exercise routine will guarantee better looking arms in just a few months. Weight training builds muscle, and muscles burns more fat than exercise alone, but it is important to engage in cardiovascular exercise at least five times a week to see the fastest results.

However, sometimes there is just not enough time before that special event or big date. In that case, the following tips and tricks can help arms look leaner in an instant: First, wear 3/4 length sleeves. Covering the entire upper arm is the easiest way to make it look slimmer. Second, a contouring self-tanning application can "fake" the look of muscle tone when applied between the tricep and bicep muscles on each arm. Lastly, wear stacks of thin bangles as an accessory. This will give the illusion of a smaller, more proportioned upper arm. Avoid tight-fitting bracelets and watches, which can accentuate the size of the upper arm.

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