How Can You Make Acrylic Nails Last Longer?


Acrylic nails last longer when they are cleaned and inspected daily, covered during messy chores and not used as tools. Any tears or damaged areas need to be repaired promptly at a salon or with a glue specifically designed for use on acrylic nails to increase the length of wear.

Tears, cracks and infections are the most frequent reasons for losing acrylic nails. The nails need to be maintained daily by washing with soap, warm water and a soft nail brush. Inspect the nails daily for damage, and fix small tears with acrylic nail glue. Never use a bandage or tape to hold a broken nail in place.

Wearing sturdy gloves while washing the dishes, gardening and doing heavy chores protects the nails so that they last longer. Avoid using acrylic nails to pick up small items, move or pry things. Instead, always use the tips of the fingers or an appropriate tool. Be aware of the nails to avoid catching them on things in the environment that could cause damage.

Getting acrylic nails touched up at the salon every two to three weeks, depending on nail growth, also increases the length between changes. If properly cared for, acrylic nails last up to three months. When the nails need to be replaced, wait at least three days after removal before having new acrylics applied.