How Can I Look Prettier?


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Looking pretty is a result of feeling pretty. Seventeen Magazine asserts that beauty is a state of mind rather than a state of being. Being comfortable in one's own skin helps with feeling and looking prettier.

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Outer beauty is a reflection of inner beauty, says Seventeen Magazine. A more positive attitude towards one's physical appearance helps with feeling more comfortable and thus prettier. To achieve an adjusted attitude, it is important to focus not on physical flaws but on physical and personal positives. Seventeen suggests focusing on attractive features rather than a few flaws. Seventeen Magazine also suggests soaking up some sun rays and wearing bright colors to lift one's mood. Sleep deprivation is a major cause of discomfort, depression and poor self-confidence; people should be sure to get an appropriate amount of sleep by sleeping through the night and taking naps if needed. Changing up a hairstyle or clothing style can also give someone a confidence boost; staying with one style for too long can get boring and make someone feel as though she is stuck. Smiling and laughing also help to brighten both one's face and mood, causing self confidence and happiness to skyrocket. At-home pampering, such as a pedicure or glam session with a friend, can also lift spirits.

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