How Can You Get Long Toenails?


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Toenails are made from keratin, a protein that contributes to nail, skin and hair health. To promote the growth of toenails, it is important to follow a nutritionally balanced diet, including foods that promote the production of keratin, such as leafy green vegetables and beans.

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To encourage toenail growth and keep feet looking their best, bathe them daily using lukewarm water and a mild antiseptic soap. Be sure to wash between and underneath the toes. A gentle massage promotes blood circulation and stimulates toenail growth. When drying the toes and feet, use a clean, soft towel, rubbing under and between the toes. Keep the feet dry to prevent fungal infections, which generally originate in the shower or bath.

Trim the nails monthly, always cutting the nails straight across. Trimming the toenails on the sides can result in painful ingrown nails.

Toenails grow about one-third as fast as fingernails. Generally, it takes a year to regrow a toenail from the cuticle to the tip.

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