How Can You Lighten Lips That Are Dark From Smoking?


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You can lighten dark lips by naturally bleaching, exfoliating and moisturizing your lips on a daily basis. Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps to moisturize your lips from within by staying hydrated. Quitting smoking is another option for lightening lips caused by smoking, and the natural color usually returns in a few weeks.

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When a person inhales from smoking, the nicotine, tar and other chemicals pass over the lips and pollute the lips' natural color. Lips that are dark from smoking are unsightly, but the condition is reversible. You can exfoliate your lips gently once a day to remove the top, darkened layer of skin. After a lip exfoliation treatment, protect lips with a coat of petroleum jelly or lip balm to prevent further damage. Women may also apply a lip corrector to conceal dark lips instantly.

Using natural products to lighten dark lips is an excellent way to achieve significant results. Rubbing almond milk or lemon juice into affected lips twice a day is also proven to be effective. Applying sweet almond oil as a moisturizer also proves effective, as is leaving a coat of honey on your lips overnight. It is also important to keep sunscreen on lips while traveling outdoors, or the discoloration often becomes worse.

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