Can I Get a Licence to Tattoo at Home?

Whether or not you can get a license to tattoo at your home depends on where you live, according to Nolo. Except for North Dakota and New Mexico, states have enacted specific but differing laws to regulate tattooing and licensure.

Most states require tattoo artists to have a license before giving tattoos to others. Tattoo establishments are also required to have a license so as to legally carry out their activities. Tattoo artists working in these establishments must all have valid tattooing licenses and must work only in these particular tattooing parlors. In effect, it becomes illegal for a licensed tattoo specialist to work on tattoos in other locations, including private homes. In this case, it is almost impossible to get a license to tattoo at home.

Local counties, cities and towns also often implement specific ordinances and codes to regulate tattooing businesses. As a result, to get a license to tattoo at a private home, artists must comply with all applicable local tattooing ordinances and state laws.