How Can You Find a Koleston Perfect Hair Color Chart?


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Find charts and information on the different colors available through the Koleston Perfect hair color product from Wella on sites such as Wella.com, KillerStrands.com, PerfectHair.ch and SallyExpress.com, as of 2015. Some sites only feature images of the different color options, while others also link to specific products with purchasing options.

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Wella.com, the website for the Koleston Perfect parent company Wella, contains multiple sections with information and charts on the different colors available. One section highlights the six different color areas that the hair color covers, adding up to a total of 116 unique shades, along with links to view each individual color. This page also includes directions on how to properly mix the coloring agents and apply to the hair for the maximum effect. Another page on the site includes descriptions of each color and contains a section where site users are able to review each color and coloring product. This section also includes a color progression chat that demonstrates the way the dye affects different hair colors.

PerfectHair.ch maintains an interactive color chart that allows users to view information about all the different colors according to the factors that contribute to creating each tone. MyShopify.com contains multiple images of color charts, each of which contains a different selection of colors and includes its own set of descriptions for each shade. SallyExpress.com offers a color chart that also links to product pages for each color, allowing users to buy the item directly.

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