Where Can You Find Inexpensive Hairdressers?

The easiest way to get an inexpensive haircut is to volunteer to be a client at a training salon or beauty school. Beauty schools need models for demonstrations, and students are supervised by senior stylists, which guarantees some quality control as well as a free or inexpensive cut.

Besides volunteering to be a model at a beauty school, there are a few tricks to cut the cost of a hairstyle. One is to inquire whether the stylist does home visits. Stylists typically pay "chair fees" which swallow half their wages. Having a stylist visit your home may save half the cost of the hairdo.

Another tip is to offer to pre-pay for a year's worth of hairstyling. This can shave the cost of one visit off the annual bill. Another option may be to inquire about a salon's rewards program: perhaps they offer complimentary haircuts if other services are utilized. Some salons realize that clients can help them grow their clientele by rewarding loyalty; a free haircut may be offered for a certain number of referrals.

Chain hair salons often offer no-frills cuts, and a quick Internet search should yield results for an area. Clients asking for discounts may be given them with no problem.