How Can You Increase Your Facial Hair Growth?

According to, facial hair growth can be increased by cleaning and stimulating the hair follicles, increasing the intake of vitamins, using hair growth agents, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and seeking medical help. It is important to keep in mind other factors, such as genetics, hormones, injuries and nationality, can also influence facial hair growth. explains that hair cannot grow out of follicles that are blocked with grime or dirt. Washing the face twice a day or whenever it is dirty with oil or sweat can be a good way to improve facial hair growth. Massaging the face twice a day for about 10 to 15 minutes can also stimulate the hair follicles.

Eating a balanced diet can ensure that a person obtains the essential nutrients that can increase facial hair growth. Some of the vitamins that are essential for hair follicles include vitamins A, B3, B5, B7, B9, C and E. Aside from eating a nutritional diet, also advises getting enough rest, manage stress and stop smoking to enhance facial hair growth. recommends hair growth agents such as eucalyptus, Rogaine, and mixtures of cinnamon powder and lime juice, as well as amla oil and mustard leaves. If the methods mentioned do not seem to work, a person can also undergo testosterone therapy or hair transplant surgery.