Where Can I Find Henna Designs?


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Henna designs can be found at Henna Designs Ideas. Henna designs are intricate almost filigree type patterns that are applied using the extract of the henna plant to make temporary tattoos. These applications are predominantly used by Indian women during celebrations such as weddings but are used by other cultures and even men.

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According to Henna Designs Ideas, henna used to be applied with a matchstick and a steady hand. It is common now to apply henna through a cone with a small opening. The person applying the henna just has to push the cone to release the henna while creating the design. The most common designs for henna are floral patterns. Another popular design is the peacock which symbolizes fertility as well as love and good fortune. Flower buds are a symbol of new life that is about to grow which is appropriate for a woman getting married and shows love will flourish in her partnership. A bride receiving a henna tattoo is supposed to have good fortune as a result, according to Henna Designs Ideas. Another use of henna is in Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurveda, henna is used to eliminate infection and impurities as well as soothe the stomach.

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