How Can You Get a Hem Line Crease Out of a Pair of Pants?

Begin by washing the pants according to manufacturer's instructions to loosen the crease. Spray the pants with distilled water, starch, vinegar or rub them down with a bar of soap. Iron out the crease.

  1. Wash the pants and prepare the iron

    Washing the pants loosens up the creases or pleats. Wash the pants according to the instructions outlined on the label. Adjust the settings on the iron to reflect the type of fabric the pants are made from.

  2. Begin to iron

    Place the pants on the ironing board. Using a spray bottle filled with distilled water, spray water directly onto the crease. Iron as usual, but apply pressure to the iron when going across the pleat.

  3. Try starch, vinegar or a bar of soap

    If the distilled water does not work, starch can be lightly sprayed on the crease, with the iron set at or below a medium heat setting. Soap can be rubbed on the inside of the pants along the crease line, turning the pants right side-out to iron. Dampen a cloth with white vinegar, rub the cloth on the crease and iron accordingly.